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The Tarot of Dolors

Hello, my name is Dolors and am Tarotista professional, am specialised in emotions and readings with exact dates. Work with the cards of tarot Rider-Whiter and tarot of Marseilles. My tarot therapeutic has like objective sintonizar to the individual with his essence and identify and help to resolve blockades, fears and other patterns of behaviour that hamper his realisation integrates.

Tarot Prat (Emotional Therapy)

What offers you my Tarot of Emotional Therapy?

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Those that times has said us that a tarotista can not throw the cards to the same neither friends neither known?
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Reason that I can help you, because the tarot is a tool terapeutica that helps us to avert and resolve problems. Because I am profesiona and my guarantee is my ethical professional, my gift for the reading of the tarot my loyalty and horradez in this profession
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My ethical code is the professionalism and the good use of the technical adivinatorias, from the values and the affection to the client. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat